Emerald City Knights

Prologue: The Silver Storm

Game played: 25/9/2011
Timeline Date: 28/3/2014

The soon to be heroes are all in the city center going about their daily business. Dekker is looking at buying a new lab coat, The Vixen is on her dinner break from the Zoo – eating a hotdog and Black Panther is working his chef job at Mario’s.

“The loud, heart-stopping sounds of an explosion and shattering glass along with the accompanying shock strike you all without warning. Within moments, a strange cloud of silvery mist blankets the surrounding area. Just as panic and flight are about to take hold, the cloud begins to swirl without any evident prompting from the wind. It whips itself into a cyclonic mass, discharging what appear to be bolts of bluish lightning both within itself and outward around its immediate vicinity.

Both blast and bolts subside and begin to dissipate before anyone (yourselves included) can arrive on the scene, leaving the dead and injured as the most immediate concern. The fleeing, panicked crowds and hopelessly jammed roads make you all the only first-responders available for the critically injured now."


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